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Sustainable Spotlight with Jade

Today we unpack sustainability within the influencer sector. Jade is an eco conscious influencer using her platform to promote circular wardrobes among her community. Jade's journey is ever evolving as she has developed her personal style from purchasing fast fashion to investing in circular designs that will last a life time. Follow Jade's story below and join her circle on Instagram jademarie________

"My journey with sustainable fashion began after I had been on an eco journey. For years I had been reducing my plastic consumption where I could. Trying to find products that reduced my impact on the planet. But about 18months ago I started seeing information on how detrimental fast fashion & our fashion consumption was on the planet. It was then that I started to make changes to how I consume fashion.

I think I’m so passionate about it because it feels right to me. It feels right to at least try to improve our current decline in the ways I can. I think as citizens of Earth it is our responsibility to be better & make change. I may not be perfect but at least if I’m trying to make a change I can feel like I didn’t just bury my head in the sand, I contributed to a better world in some small way.

My top tips would be to shop your closet. Often we think we have nothing to wear when really we just need to have a play around to create different looks with what we have. I also love to get my clothes mended & altered & I think that’s another great tip as it allows us to get longer out of the clothes we love. Shopping secondhand is so easy these days & another great way to curate a sustainable wardrobe. Another tip that has helped me is to unsubscribe from all fast fashion emails & social media accounts. If it isn’t being shoved down my throat all the time then I am much less likely to feel the need to buy from those brands.

I guess there are a range of challenges I face. The biggest one being the weight of the change we need to make to really see a difference. It can feel like it is all for nothing when the changes aren’t being made from higher ups. But I remind myself that we can only do what we can do & we still need to live a life we love and to not take that weight all on myself. Another challenge is my addiction to fashion. I love clothes & shopping so making changes to be a conscious consumer have been challenging. I’m far from perfect in this department but miles ahead of where I was a couple years ago. So I’m proud of that.

My advice to anyone starting out is, follow accounts that are doing the work. It definitely helps to motivate you when you see others doing it. Also to just take it slow. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once. Focus on one change & when that feels normal focus on the next one & the next one. Eventually it becomes your new normal."