Packaging and Waste – Binks

Packaging and Waste

Binks is an online store. We have chosen not to open a physical retail store as the resources needed to open a store are not necessary for us to operate.  Our goal is to not waste any resources and anything that "can't be used" will be repurposed.

Binks garments are all cut, sampled and made right here in Auckland. All trims are purchased from New Zealand businesses. You may wear your garments in the comfort of knowing that you are supporting local businesses and a sustainable future for New Zealand fashion.

All Binks garment labels and size pips are made from organic cotton and produced in Auckland.

Garments are wrapped in No Issue Tissue and then placed in a compostable mailer bag which can be reused or composted. For information on composting your mailer bags please click here.

All other packaging including postcards are recyclable. Please take action to ensure items are disposed of properly.