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Packaging, trims, waste & store info

Packaging including tissue, cards, hang tags and sticker have been purchased from different suppliers, some located in New Zealand and others in the Philippines. Tissue and mailers can be composted while all other packaging can be recycled. We appreciate you being responsible by placing these items in the recycling bin.

Our packaging process is as follows: garments are wrapped in No Issue Tissue and secured with a sticker, then placed in a compostable mailer bag with a card. We understand that packaging (although great for branding) can be wasteful. If you wish to make an order without extra wrapping, stickers or card please leave a comment in the note box before completing your purchase. For information on composting your mailer bags please click here.

Trims such as zippers and bias tape used to create garments have been supplied by both New Zealand and Philippines companies. In the past we have  had to purchase more trims than needed in order to get the best price. Going forward most trims are sourced in the Philippines as we can order the exact amount we need. No more and no less, helping us waste less. Binks garment labels and size pips for collection one are all made from organic cotton and produced in Auckland.

Our goals within packaging and trims is to not waste any resources. Anything that "can't be used" will be repurposed.

The world is going digital and we are no exception! Binks is strictly an 
online store.